Township and Field Rules

Flying Hours:  9 AM to dusk daily

Flying Area Boundaries
A tree line to the right, left, and front defines the boundary for flying.
Do not fly beyond the trees since there are houses, backyard picnics, horses, and neighbors that will complain.

Absolutely no flying behind the flight line.

A parking area is provided BEHIND the pavilion.  Insurance will not cover cars parked in front of the pavilion.

This is a public park and all visitors are welcome to fly here, providing they have a current AMA insurance card AND obtain a permit from the New Hanover Township Building at 2943 N. Charlotte St., Gilbertsville, PA. 610-323-1008  The township office, which is only a 5 minute drive from the park, is located on route 663 just north of the intersection with Swamp Pike.   

Members and Visiting Pilots
Current AMA card and SCRCM membership card or visitor permit must be displayed at all times when flying.